Patience + New Skills = New Dress

IMG_1216Knowledge comes by realizing you know nothing at all and everything is new.

It’s about getting lost in the moment. Letting go and allowing your mind to wander and your body to be free. There is this freedom in the unknown, there is no systems, no procedures; every move is a new discovery. I think of being a child and the amazement of discovering a new thing and I can’t help but think how much of that we’ve lost with age and circumstance.

I think of being a child and the amazement in discovering a new thing. I can’t help but think how much of that we’ve lost with age and circumstance.

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Self-Expression – An Open Window To The World.

IMG_1027 copy

I have not posted a style diary post in a few days and I would love to say its because of some huge setback or otherwise occupied, but to be frank it’s not. Life just happens, and I need time to center my focus. The great part about having a space like this allow is sharing the ups and the downs. Especially, when I am in a space of transition and discovery. These are often the moments when I am conflicted and often a bit hesitant to do anything because I am fighting what I already know, what I am discovering and what is totally new to me.

I am experiencing all of it. It is beautiful yet overwhelming all at once.

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New Chapters: How do we start?


Everyone that’s ever read a book will tell you that every chapter finished with a complete sentence. At least the books that I’ve read. They have a “period” marking an end of a sentence than a few more empty spaces. However, I think some chapters in life should be incomplete.

I’ve watched myself do my best to complete a chapter in life. Whether it’s trying to figure out what went wrong in the last relationship or what I didn’t do on my last project. I’ve been obsessed with “finishing” the chapter with a clear understanding of what went right and what went wrong. And I realized that sometimes in life, we should just start a new chapter. No conclusions, no explanations, or thoughts.

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An ode to the Creative Spirit: Be You!


“How much of ourselves and life have we really airbrushed?” I asked myself this question while reading an article on creative writing.

Yes, creative writing! Of all things to trigger this question, right?

It seems the more access we get to outlets of creative expression, the less “self” is in that expression. Many have found the only way to protect their mental sanity and heart is to filter what the public accesses.

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Historic Beauty


What I would give to go back in time and experience some of the transformational periods in history. Something about the past captivates me, the trends, the things that took place, etc.  At times I have to bring myself back to the present to not get lost in daydreaming. What we consider vintage nowadays was someone’s everyday life; I wonder what the generations after us will say about these times.

I like to think as we remember the past a part of it stays with us. Forever, revealing more and more to us. That was my experience on my most recent city hop.

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She wore Distrust

I wore distrust feeling like I had no other option. You see, at a very young age I was molested on multiple occasions. My innocence was taken away before I even knew what it was.

distrust blogAt the age of 8, my 3 year old brother was poisoned and killed. He was not even given a chance to start school. Months later, my parents got divorced because my mom got pregnant for someone else and my dad got remarried 2-3 months after.

Not only did he get remarried, but he married secretly to a woman I never got introduced too and brought me to live with them after.


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