3 Things to help overcome any runt your in


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There is no more awkward place to be than in the middle, where you are almost there but not quite and far enough that you can’t turn back. It is in these periods in life that we are most tested and incur the most strain. Naturally, our bodies want to be in motion. We want to do, to go and when we are told to wait, waiting is like asking us to not breathe. It’s detrimental in our eyes.

How do I do that exactly? This waiting thing. Right?

What I  have discovered in this period of the in-between is this-in the waiting we are given the opportunity to test whether our armor is able to withhold the fight, it is a strengthening period. Imagine a training camp, before a great battle; there will always be a testing period to measure your retention of information.

But, if every period of stillness was a test of patience, we would have so many more patient people in the world.

Consider this, what were you doing before this “in-between” period and what do you aspire to accomplish after? Honestly, many of our questions can be answered with a few moments of reflection.

 We are constantly seeking movement and motion in everything. The moment we experience a standstill, we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves.

I say instead of praying for something to happen or for some miracle to take place and remove you from this place. Take time with where you are currently and give yourself the chance to learn the lesson. Life is a great teacher in that it will never allow you to cheat. You will continuously be tested until you have shown yourself.

This period of “in-between” is so vital for growth. Take steps to embrace and accept it, rather than fighting a battle you most likely will not win.

  1. Embrace your process

Your process is yours; no matter how similar your journey is in comparison to another, You are not that person. Stop torturing yourself for not being someone/something you are not. Be true to you!

2. Be alone

We are so afraid of this, I think even saying the word “alone” makes people cringe. Taking time to hear your thoughts and process them is so important. Literally, I believe every human being should have at least a day being completely away from anybody. It will give you time to realize how much we sabotage ourselves.

We will realize how much we hold others hostage for our problems.


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3. Breathe, it’s all temporary.

Every moment is a phase. It will soon pass and the majority of the time you will not even remember, what you were angry about or even how intense your disappointment was.

Stop right now, and think of a situation. Compare what you feel now reliving it and the initial feeling. They are totally different. If you can engineer your thoughts to see how fading these encounters are, you will truly be liberated.

Love your time in the in-between, take to the uncertainty of it all and most important of all understand it is just a chapter in a very long book.

I would love to hear your thoughts about your current process and what steps you are taking to move to pass your obstacles

Limiting Beliefs

I spent a large part of the past year, working on my internal being; really diving down to the nitty gritty. I had realized in 2016, I was truly not happy with the state I was in. A lot, had happened, I had lost some family members and my immediate family had to deal with my mom battling cancer.

While sickness, death are things that everyone I believe in one point or another will battle within in this lifetime. It was just not the right time. Down right selfish right, I know. But I couldn’t help but thing not one more thing.

 But that is another story for another article.


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Lessons every 20′ something learns the hard way

I just turned the big 30 and with that milestone came much reflection and meditation on my life and the lessons I’ve learned. It still very shocking saying I am thirty. It seems just like yesterday I was 21; a very breaking time for me. I felt free; at least I thought until 25 came around and reminded me that I still had many lessons to learn.

Sadly, the lessons are not as easy as they look in the movies, where you have some type of awakening that tells you the secrets you need to be a better being on this earth.

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Fallin’ for Fall

Fall offers us an opportunity to change, an open window to re-do and undo. It is that ripe time in the year where what has taken place before can become a foundation to what is to come. Winter is around the corner but we know that soon after spring, will come and all the hard work we’ve put in during the hibernation months will bear fruit.

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The Winter Archives

Well over a year ago, I stepped out into the freezing New England weather to shoot this outfit. It was cold but I told myself I had a plan and no matter what I would stick to that play. These little things are the foundations necessary for the larger decisions in life. We learn a thing by making it a habit. What we do religiously become a part of who we are, it is just a fact of life.

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Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.

The best understanding of what it is to be in a relationship is to understand the concept of interdependence. 

No relationship can fully flourish without the understanding from both parties that some give and take has to occur. When all parties involved have found themselves and have an understanding of who they are— and what they bring to the relationship it leaves room for true magic to take place.


We have all heard this over and over and yet we have lost sight of what this means and it’s significance: You can only love someone else when you have learned to love yourself. This is by far the most valuable point in life, becoming your true self liberates you.

We are fully capable of giving and taking without suffocating or draining another person. Everyone has something to give that no one else does. In business, it is said you must have a “competitive edge”—which means simply “ what can you offer that no one else can?


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Transition: Your ability to respond to the changes in life

Don’t you find amazing how we are one day formed in the womb as embryos and before we know it, we are adults juggling this interesting thing called “life?” We get to witness associates groom into becoming friends and sometimes relationships. We even watch the phase of having part-time jobs to having careers.

We transition from being responsible for just ourselves to see the intimidating reality of being responsible for a significant other and possibly children. And THAT is where I have experienced the greatest transition of life, which I still am figuring out daily. The transition of the “two becoming one” and the “one”!

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